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Has your voice not been firing well since you had that last cough? Can you feel tension from fatigue or stress in your neck and shoulders? Do you struggle with tongue and jaw tension which affects your singing? Are you running on empty and finding it hard to meet deadlines or stay well for performances? Then it’s time to get a specialised vocal massage to release the muscles that must be free in order for you and your voice to function better and to reduce the stress you and your immune system are under.

The stage places many demands on a singer’s body such as working on a raked (tilted) stage, wearing very heavy costumes, wigs and hats, high heels all of which can throw the alignment of the posture out by tensing and straining muscles in the body. This forces the singer to adjust the position of their pelvis and neck. Any adjustment made will affect the singer’s capability for full breath capacity and best breath management. Over time it will shorten muscles if they are kept in a contracted position. Massage can help release and lengthen these muscles again, bring the body back into alignment, and let you sing at your best.

Massage has been proven scientifically to help boost the immune system, release endorphins, reduce fatigue, lower blood pressure and support the lymph system that removes waste from the body. It can get you through heavy schedules of rehearsal and performances and help keep you well.

A Vocal Massage targets the “Singing” muscles through remedial massage, gentle myofascial work, trigger point therapy and relaxation massage. The first component of my Vocal Massage is a Postural Assessment and Palpation to establish restrictions in the body that may be affecting your voice. I assess if your larynx and hyoid bone are in a free, neutral position, your ribs are mobilising well and the diaphragm is not tight in any area. We look at how your jaw is tracking and if there is excess tension in the muscles surrounding it. The position of your pelvis will be measured to see if it is hyperextended which could be tensing the lower abdominal muscles that control your breath flow.

We then develop a treatment plan specific to your needs which may include alleviating postural issues affecting chronic conditions, tension and stress, localised pain, restricted movement in joints, fatigue, immunity suppression, and depression to name a few.

Concurrently we look at issues you may be having with your voice and breath and establish if the muscles most used in singing are released or constricted- such as those surrounding the larynx, jaw and diaphragm.

I use my knowledge both as a massage therapist trained in advanced techniques for the neck, jaw and pelvis and as an opera singer and vocal teacher for the last 18 years. I know how my voice is affected when I am tired or recovering from illness and I know what works to fix it. I am not a specialist in vocal disorders- that is the field of ENTs and Speech Pathologists but I work with them as a complementary therapy in their treatment plan.

Book a Vocal Massage today and see how it can help your Voice!


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