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Vocal Massage

$121 per hour (GST inclusive)

$110 Students and pensioners (GST inclusive)

10 Massage packages available- buy 10 get one free- $1100 or $1000 for concession card holders/students/pensioners
Includes release of major postural muscles and diaphragm, rebalancing of the pelvis and muscular and fascial release around the neck, jaw and head. Laryngeal massage on the front of the neck will also be utilised. Gentle intra-oral techniques may also be employed to release muscles of the jaw.

Rachael’s sessions qualify for rebates with all major health funds.

Neck / Head / Jaw Release Sessions

$121 per hour, $110 Concession (GST inclusive)

In this session Rachael spends an hour gently releasing the muscles and tension around your neck, jaw and head. Often trigger point therapy is the most effective way to release muscles in this area.

Work inside the mouth (with gloves) is very effective at loosening a jaw that is continually held tightly or if you grind your teeth. Muscles around the head must also be freed to allow the jaw to function as freely as possible.

Perfect for anyone who suffers from migraines, headaches, the endless mind-chatter that stops you being able to concentrate effectively, jaw pain, TMJ and TMD disorders or a stiff neck.

Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release Sessions

$121 per hour, $110 Concession (GST inclusive)

Includes a postural assessment and treatment plan to treat chronic and painful conditions affecting your body and energy levels.
My sessions are a combination of traditional massage and myofascial techniques. These techniques use gentle holds and slow massage on areas of tension in the body coupled with very slow stretching of the connective tissue (fascia) just below the skin.

My approach is more gentle form of bodywork- perfect for people with chronic pain, exhaustion and anxiety. This style is very soothing to the central nervous system and promotes relaxation throughout the body.
You will also be given exercises to do at home to extend the treatment and its effectiveness.

Singing lessons

Contact me via email to discuss appointment times (

Singing sessions designed to let you rediscover your voice and love of singing.

Singing improves your posture, increases your breath control, releases endorphins and destresses you.

Come and have a sing.
1 hour session $99, $88 Concession (GST inclusive)

30 minute lessons $49.50, $44 Concession (GST inclusive)

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