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RachaelPortraitHi I’m Rachael. I’m a massage therapist, singing teacher and opera singer. Not a combination you often see together, but after years of singing professionally I enrolled in a massage course and I fell in love with bodywork- in fact I loved it as much as singing! I then realized I could combine my two passions by becoming an expert in vocal massage, the neck, head and jaw areas, and postural alignment for excellent breath work. In this way I offer solutions to other singers, people suffering from pain and tension in these areas and those struggling with vocal problems.

My training:

I trained in massage at Nature Care College in Sydney- one of Australia’s leading Natural Therapy colleges and graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Since then I’ve branched out to study Laryngeal Massage, Cranialsacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Body Unwinding and Myofascial Release.

I have also trained as a singer since I was 13 and studied the piano for 11 years as a child (I think that’s why I have such strong hands!). I have degrees in English Literature and Music and a Diploma of Opera. I’ve sung in the chorus for Opera Australia since 1998 in over 70 different productions in Sydney and Melbourne and continue to perform with them. I also teach singing and therapeutic voice work from my home studio.

Having been a performer for so many years, I know how my body and emotions are affected by stressful work schedules. I know what it’s like to push through illness at times to honour commitments and the importance of self-care to help me recover after gruelling periods at work. I use massage, meditation, vocal techniques, yoga, pilates, weight training and other body therapies regularly to maintain my physical, emotional and vocal health. I think it’s important to find the type of body therapy that works for you- everyone is different.

Personally I have found that restful, soothing therapies are the way my emotions and body are recharged and my immunity stays resilient.

Am I the right massage therapist for you?

My massage is slow and gives the body time to let go gradually due to the modalities I use and my view that the body should be treated with as much nurture and care as possible.

In fact many of my clients had given up on physical therapies as they found practitioners were too rough and the session too painful for their level of sensitivity. Consequently my sessions are also great for people with autoimmune disorders, anxiety and stress-related disorders.

I find if you work at the pace the body can cope with, it lets go readily and the work consequently holds for a lot longer. One of the techniques I use is myofascial release which works by gently heating and tractioning the connective tissue in the body. This is terrific for removing patterns of tension that have developed in the body over many years.

Everything I do in my massage is designed to help you by reducing pain in your body, improving the way you stand and breathe and nurturing and supporting you back to being able to concentrate and function effectively again.

Nothing is more tiring than chronic pain- especially in the neck and head. You can’t think straight, brain fog sets in and if you are like me you develop a very short fuse! If that sounds like you, you have found your way to me for a reason.

Is there a singer in you? Would you like to reclaim your voice?

My singing clients come to me for different reasons. Sometimes they are people wanting to join a choir and need to get some confidence in using their voice again. Sometimes they use our sessions to reclaim their voice emotionally as they were silenced as a child. Sometimes they come for a fun half hour to release stress and have a sing and leave feeling happy and energized to go back to work.

Singing is a great healing tool. Does your voice reflect who you are inside? Do you feel your speaking voice gets weaker as the day goes on? I teach breathing and vocal techniques to let you reclaim your voice and individuality.

Marvellous things happen to people when their voice emerges triumphantly from the silence of the years- The Healing Voice.

Come and meet me!

I currently massage from a studio in Paddington on Monday and Thursdyas and Beecroft Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Saturday pm. Vocal lessons and voicework sessions are held at my house in Cheltenham.

If you have any questions about my massage or singing lessons please text me on 0403112363, e-mail me at rachael@vocalease.com.au or just click on the Book now button and come and have a session! I look forward to meeting you.



Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College)

BMus Majoring in Performance Voice

BA Majoring in English Literature

Diploma of Opera (Sydney Conservatorium)

LTCL Voice, ATCL Pianoforte

Diploma of Craniosacral therapy, Cranialsacral Academy of Australia, including Myofascial Techniques for the Head, Jaw and Neck

Vocal Massage training- Walt Fritz (US) 2018

ATMS Advanced Techniques for the Neck and Thoracic Area

Myofascial Release/Deep Tissue training- Advanced Pelvis- Core Body Therapy, Sydney

Myofascial Release/Deep Tissue training-Jaw/Neck- Core Body Therapy, Sydney

Myofascial Release/Deep Tissue training- Applied Myofascial Release- Core Body Therapy, Sydney

Laryngeal Manipulation Course- Jacob Lieberman- England (2019)


Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Australian Voice Association


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