I’m Rachael and I’m a professional opera singer and singing teacher. I love helping people rediscover their love of singing. Many of my students are retirees who have always wanted to sing or were silenced at some stage (often by a teacher or parent).  That need to reclaim their voice and the joy of singing has remained with them until one day they ring me and start singing again! I also teach high school students wanting training in a healthy vocal technique that can serve them across different styles of singing. While my training has been in the classical world we sing whatever lights you up – enjoyment in the process is very important.


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  • I started seeing Rachael at Vocal Ease Massage over a year ago and have continued with regular massages because of her attention to detail and because she caters each massage so well to the particular problem I am having that week. We have spanned everything from neck muscle soreness to hamstring tension and from stress to the particular problems associated with pregnancy. Each time I walk away feeling like I have been listened to and genuinely cared for.

    Jodie McGuren
    Jodie McGuren Professional Opera Singer
  • I have been treated by Rachael Cunningham for some months, and she has been instrumental in helping me in recovering from illness. As an opera singer recovering from bowel cancer surgery and chemotherapy, I have found that stresses and tensions normally associated with performing, have been harder to deal with, and the methods adopted by Rachael have been of significant benefit to me and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

    Michael Lewis OAM
    Michael Lewis OAM Acclaimed Dramatic Baritone
  • I cannot recommend Rachael and Vocalease Massage highly enough. A career as an opera singer often involves long days and high levels of stress, and a massage with Rachael is like an oasis in the middle of whatever crazy stage world I'm living in. Not only is she an expert in many different forms of traditional massage, but she also has intimate knowledge of the vocal mechanism - throat, larynx, neck, etc - which allows her to focus on specific areas of tension which can cause issues for singers. It is an essential part of my job to have relaxed, supple muscles, so that they can perform their job properly in supporting my voice, and my sessions at Vocalease are an invaluable part of this. Rachael's calm, warm demeanour puts you at ease instantly, and her commitment and passion for her work and obvious dedication to her clients has led to me trusting her absolutely and recommending her to others without reserve.

    Jacqui Dark- Mother Abbess, Sound of Music Tour
    Jacqui Dark- Mother Abbess, Sound of Music Tour Soloist with Opera Australia, Mother Abbess Sound of Music Tour
  • Every time I come back to Australia I immediately contact Rachael for a treatment! Her work helps me find that total and complete relaxation of the muscles involved in the production of the sound that all of us singers try to achieve through the singing technique! I believe that only a massage therapist who is also a professional singer, like Rachel is, can know and solve the tension problems related to our activity. Too bad I can't bring her to Europe!!!

    Giorgio Caoduro
    Giorgio Caoduro International Operatic Baritone
  • We put our bodies under a lot of stress as performers. Long operas, long rehearsals and very physically demanding roles can leave you exhausted and finding it hard to sing. Regular massage is a wonderful way to keep healthy and look after a tired voice. As a singer herself Rachael is completely in tune with what a performance schedule is like and she really understands the body. She can tell exactly where the stress is in your body and help straightaway. I know there are performances I wouldn't have been able to get through had I not been working with Rachael. She's amazing!

    Nicole Car- International Soprano
    Nicole Car- International Soprano International Operatic Soprano
  • Rachael is absolutely fantastic! She always  restores my centre and not only lengthens and releases all neck, diaphragm, ribs and vocal muscles, but leaves me re-grounded and balanced. Perfect for centering before auditions, performance or restoration after a long run. Truly, Vocalease is perfect for a wholistic approach to performance and life.

    Elise McCann
    Elise McCann Miss Honey- Matilda
  • I have just received the most wonderful therapy treatment from Rachael Cunningham. She treated me with a tailor-made blend of her therapeutic gifts, to help me release my stiff hip and sciatica pain and at the same time gently and kindly helped me release some old emotional stuff that I was still holding onto. The treatment was amazing! She created a warm and safe space for healing to take place and intuitively chose a number of techniques to deliver a deeply relaxing and profoundly healing experience. I totally and most highly recommend her.

    Morag Morrish Dru Yoga Teacher, Cheltenham
  • Rachael is a truly gifted therapist. After just one session I felt a profound healing shift. I was able to release stagnant and negative energy from deep within and was then free to embrace myself wholly. I highly recommend a healing with Rachael.

    Rachel Troia
    Rachel Troia Beecroft Organic Health Foods, Beecroft, Sydney
  • What Ghandi was to Hinduism, what Federer is to a racquet, Rachael Cunningham is to myofascial body massage. She is the perfect example of vocation and practice in harmony. A truly life-enriching healer.

    Jose Carbo
    Jose Carbo International Baritone Opera Singer

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