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Vocal Massage

$110 per hour

$95 Students and pensioners

Includes release of major postural muscles and diaphragm,  rebalancing of the pelvis and muscular and fascial release around the neck, jaw and head. Gentle intra-oral techniques are also employed to release  muscles inside the mouth.

Students and seniors with current identification cards receive $15 discount off all prices.

Rachael’s sessions qualify for rebates with all major health funds.

Myofascial Release Session

$110 per hour

These sessions use gentle holds on areas of tension in the body coupled with very slow stretching of the connective tissue (fascia) just below the skin.

This is achieved by gently sinking into the connective tissue layer and then stretching it in opposite directions over the area of tension.

It is a much more gentle form of bodywork than remedial massage- perfect for people with chronic pain, exhaustion and anxiety.

Fascia responds well to slow techniques as the lowest level of fascia moves to a gel form once it is heated with friction. Once the fascia begins to unwind, the emotion or injury trauma that tensed the body in the first place can also be released.

For this reason this technique works very well in reprogramming body patterns and beliefs. It is fantastic at removing chronically held patterns that are causing pain and tension in the body and helps to realigning your posture.

Great at emotional rebalancing and calming your mind.

Neck / Head / Jaw Release Session

$110 per hour

In this session Rachael spends an hour gently releasing the muscles and fascia (connective tissue) around your neck, jaw and head. Often trigger point therapy is the most effective way to release muscles in this area.

Work inside the mouth (with gloves) is very effective at loosening a jaw that is continually held tightly or grinds teeth all night! Muscles around the head must also be freed to allow the jaw to function as freely as possible.

Perfect for anyone who suffers from migraines, headaches, the endless mind-chatter that stops you being able to concentrate effectively, jaw pain, TMJ and TMD disorders or a stiff neck.

Remedial Massage

$110 per hour

Includes a postural assessment and treatment plan to treat chronic and painful conditions affecting your body and energy levels.

You will also be given exercises to do at home to extend the treatment and its effectiveness.

Trigger Point Therapy

Rachael employs trigger point therapy in many of her sessions. Trigger points are very common and are often referred to as muscle knots.

Trigger Point Therapy involves applying pressure to these knots to relieve pain and dysfunction in muscles. Trigger points often cause local muscular pain and can refer pain to another area of the body when pressure is applied.

They are believed to be one of the causes of stiff joints and restricted movements in old age.

Trigger Point Therapy can reduce swelling and stiffness from muscular pain, increase movement, relieve tension, and improve circulation, flexibility and coordination.

The Soothe Session

$110 per hour

Are you feeling permanently exhausted?

Do you suffer from a chronic condition such as anxiety, chronic fatigue or insomnia?

Are you trying to boost your immune system and de-stress?

Try one of my deep relaxation sessions to completely switch off and revitalize your energy levels. Includes Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, and a long, relaxing head massage.

This session is a session of stillness involving gentle holds on areas of the body that are painful or tense. This is coupled with slow, gentle relaxation massage to soothe your body and central nervous system.

Great for emotional rebalancing, deeper sleep, boosting your immune system, and promoting a feeling of restful calm.

Feel better about life by taking some time to care for yourself.  Restful and restorative.

The Nurture Session

$160 for 1.5 hrs of bliss

Invest in your self-care. Enjoy 1.5 hours of total bliss.

Take time out to just rest, recharge and be nurtured.  A full body Swedish Massage, with relaxation oils and finishing with head, foot and hand massage to totally revitalise your energy levels and make you feel special.

Singing lessons

Contact me to discuss appointment times

Singing sessions designed to let you rediscover your voice and love of singing.

Singing improves your posture, increases your breath control, releases endorphins and destresses you!

Its good for your health and well being!

Come and have a sing.

Breathwork/Mindfulness Session

$90 per hour

Come back to your body with an hour gently  learning how to breathe correctly.

Learn mediation techniques using the breath to bring your body into deep relaxation and mindfulness.

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